Nexudus Apps Overview

There is always a way to make your space more efficient, your work easier and add value to your memberships. 


Here, we look at how Nexudus Apps can help you manage day-to-day activities and make it easier for your members to connect with each other or book your resources.


And good news, most of the apps are already included in your subscription so you don’t have to pay anything extra for using them!

Passport by Nexudus – your own app

 allPassport is basically your own app – your members can log in, book a resource, get in touch with others, pay their invoices, edit their profile etc. Everything your members can do when they login to your member website, they can do from the app. Or if you want to limit it, you can and enable only some of the features.  You can also change the default colours to your brand colours. 

What you can’t change in the free version is the Passport by Nexudus logo as a thumbnail for the app. However, if you upgrade to the White-label Passport app, your members will download your own brand’s app. In addition, the paid version allows you to add a custom page and let your customers unlock doors using the app if your space uses Brivo, Doordeck or Salto KS as an integrated access control system.

Nexudus passport 1
nexudus passport 2

Download the app via the iOS or Android store on your mobile phone.

Cost basic version: free, included in Nexudus subscription. 

Cost White-label Passport by Nexudus: a $/£/€150 monthly to your Nexudus subscription for every 5 locations.

NexIO – customers and visitors management

NexIO allows your members to check themselves in and out of your space and for you to manage visitors. 

Your members all have their own pin which is sent to them when they register. They use it to check in or they can check in with the Passport App

Bluetooth and location access must be enabled on their phone to be checked in using the Passport app and open the Passport app on their phone. They log in using their own Nexudus credentials if not currently logged in. By holding their device next to the tablet, a confirmation notification pops up on the Passport app, letting them know they’ve been checked in. To check out they repeat the process before leaving the space.

Visitors get their pin code and QR code when they are registered in a booking as visitors or registered for a tour. They can scan the code or type the pin in and their host will be informed about their arrival via email.

You choose what information you want to collect, such as the visitor’s email, the reason for the visit etc. You can also change the colour of the app to match your branding and adjust the text instructions.

Nexudus IO app

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Cost: free, included in Nexudus subscription.

NexBoard – room availability display

Put a tablet with the NexBoard app installed at the entrance to a meeting room and it will show when it is booked, when it is free and lets your members book directly from the app. You will see any bookings made on the tablet in your admin board immediately.

nexboard nexudus app

Download the app on your iOS or Android tablet.

Cost: free, included in Nexudus subscription.

NexClicker – track the number of people in the space

A simple counter that adds or subtracts to help you keep an eye on the number of people in the space, not only booked members but also their guests or events’ participants. You can set up the maximum number in your admin panel.

clicker nexudus app

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Cost: free, included in Nexudus subscription.

NexDelivery – manage your deliveries

 This app will help you to manage incoming mail for your members. You click on Add delivery, take a picture (you can take more than one), assign it to a member and if you have a portable BLE printer, you can print a barcode for the parcel or letter. So when your member comes to collect it, you just scan the barcode and it will mark it in the system as collected. 

Another really useful thing you can do with this app is to get a member’s signature upon collection. 

Both the signature and photo of the parcel are automatically saved in the details of the delivery.

nexdelivery nexudus app 1
nexdelivery nexudus app 2

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Cost: free, included in Nexudus subscription.

NexEvents – attendees management

Let your event attendees check in to an event themselves within a few seconds – they scan the QR code they received in the Event Registration email or they can type in the code from the same email. 

The app lets your customers choose from 2 layouts so they can see all the upcoming events as a full-width card or a list, which comes in handy if you have more events happening at the same time. Your attendees can just scroll down to find their event and check-in.

NexEvents nexudus app

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Cost: free, included in Nexudus subscription.

NexKIOSK – point of sale app

NexKIOSK lets your customers purchase products in your space, so an ideal solution if you have a self-service bar, cafeteria etc. There is a version for a manned bar as well so your staff can assist with the process. In both cases, your inventory is connected with Nexudus. It uses iZettle and Square payment gateways.

The app comes in two modes – manned bar (EPOS) or self-service (Kiosk).

Epos Mode

Epos mode lets you use your tablet as a staffed checkout that is directly linked to your Nexudus account.

It is essentially an extension of your Admin Panel that lets you sell products, process customer payments, and access invoices.

epos Nexudus app

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode lets your customers make purchases via the app and check themselves out by adding their purchases to their next invoice or paying upfront with credit cards.

They can either log in to the app with their credentials or if they are logged in to the Passport App, they can just tap their phone.

kiosk Nexudus App

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Cost: a fixed charge of $/£/€100 plus $/£/€25 charge for each additional location per month to your Nexudus subscription.

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