Branding guide
Branding Guide with Templates for Coworking

Consistent use of your brand’s colours, logos, fonts and other visuals is incredibly important to make your company easily recognisable and trustworthy.

However it is hard to keep it consistent, we know. So make it effortless by putting together a guide you can have handy at any time.

By having properly set and easy-to-find branding guidelines you will make life much easier not only for yourself but also for your marketing person, graphic, press, and anyone who wants to mention you anywhere online and/or offline – for example, your members who would like to shout out about their amazing office space.

Create your branding guide in minutes with our templates.

Branding guide for coworking spaces

What you find inside:

What is branding guide

Why you need one

Step by step manual to create your own

Fill-in templates for your own guide

Lots of tips, examples and fun facts

Branding guide for coworking spaces

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23 %!

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